Glasses Free 3D TV - the good and the bad!

more and more I hear about Glasses Free 3D TV, everyone is talking about the new 3D technology, in a good or a bad way - so there is no way around it. We have to acknowledge that Glasses Free 3D TV could become the future of 3D TV.

The price tags of Glasses Free 3D TV can be for a while a big handicap, but alone the fact that you don't need a pair of glasses to watch 3D TV is a very appealing perspective.

The new Parallax-Barrier-3D made all this possible. An integrated video camera in the TV panel will watch your head and eye movements and will readjust the 3D image to meet the new position. Impressive, right?

On this page you can read all the news and information about the new Glasses Free 3D TV technology and about the best 3D TV Sets.

Glasses Free 3D TV

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