Mortal Instruments - City of Bones 3D TV - the new Twilight

| Dec 30, 2012
I had the chance to read the "Mortal Instruments" books over the past few days.
and let me tell you Mortal Instruments - City of Bones will be a very cool movie. This movie and probably the next movies from the Mortal Instruments series (City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Lost Souls) will warm the hearts of all teenagers out there, especially those who loved the Twilight series as well.

mortal instruments 3dtv city of bones

The author of Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare, knows exactly what teenagers like.
Magic, Mystery, Good heroes and Bad heroes, special powers, and last but not least, Romance.
And an abundance of vampires, werewolves, demons, warlocks and other deadly creatures.

The story in Mortal Instruments is great, funny and full of twists. So if you decide to read the books before seeing the movie on the big screen or on your 3DTV, you won't regret nor let the book down until you finished it.

An ordinary teenage girl, Clary Fray, finds out the truths about her past and bloodline on her quest to get her mom back (attacked and taken from their home in New York City by a demon), that changes her entire life.
Clary must join forces with a group of Shadowhunters, who introduce her to a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld.
She falls in love, struggles with her best friend, and becomes the person her mother feared she would become.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the bad guy (Valentine Morgenstern) in City of Bones, as long as the next installments of Mortal Instruments. He looks quite mean indeed.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers City of bones 3dTV valentine

Lily Collins, I don't know if you know her, is very believable playing the main female hero of the series, Clary Fray. This is not your normal sexbomb actress, but a more subtle appeal. She will become a big star after Mortal instruments.

Lily Collins City of Bones 3DTV Clary Fray

Jamie Campbell Bower looks great as well, but I'm not sure the book fans will recognize Jace Wayland in him, being that Jace spent most of the time covered in crap, having a bad attitude and snarling at people.

Jamie Campbell Bower 3dtv city of bones jace

The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones movie will be available in August 2013.
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