3D Lens VW-CLT1 Panasonic

| Aug 11, 2012
we talked earlier about the brand-new Panasonic HD 3D camcorders. You know by now that you need a special 3D conversion lens to be able to film in 3D.

This is the Panasonic VW-CLT1 Panasonic 3D Lens.
This 3D Lens can be used for a large variety of Panasonic 3D Camcorders: HDC-HS900K, HDC-TM900K, HDC-SD800K, HDC-SD90K, and HDC-TM90K HD Camcorders

what can you do with the 3D Lens VW-CLT1:
record 3D video's on your Panasonic Camcorder
record 3D still images from your Panasonic camcorder

you have to be careful with the re-calibration. also the zoom doesn't work that well when you record with 3D Lens VW-CLT1 Panasonic.

All in all, a good lens, but the next versions will be better.