XBOX 720 3D native glasses free?

| Jun 19, 2012
guys, how cool is that? If the rumors are true, we're getting in 2013 a brand new XBOX code name 720 with native 3D and full HD capabilities.
The new XBOX 720 should be six times faster and better than the last XBOX console. That should be enough, right?

The rumors about the new XBOX 720 are based on a document supposed to be leaked from Microsoft. This next generation Xbox should only cost 299 dollars - that's really cheap, considering all the new cool features that the 720 will have.

Pretty cool will be the augmented glasses, or the so-called Kinect glasses. The glasses with 4G connectivity would be able to connect to a dedicated app store.
So no, unfortunately, XBOX 720 is not glasses free.

The Kinect v2 should be able to support the native 3D technology. So your Gaming experience in 3D should be complete. I hope that this new version of the Xbox Kinect will be glasses free, so that you can play and see the images in 3D without the help of glasses.

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"All Your Entertainment. One Box" - this is how the new Xbox 720 will be presented. That means you also have video streaming capabilities, so you can watch your 3D or HD content directly from your xbox console. Of course a Bluray drive will be present, so 3D bluray movies can alse be enjoyed directly from xbox 720 on your smart 3DTV. It was about time to include a bluray player, since Sony is doing that since Playstation 3.

So if you ever considered what game console is better for you, now xbox is going to offer almost the same, if not better features than the playstation.

Remember, the latest Sony Playstation Firmware update enabled your console for 3D viewing - so here is Sony a few years in advance.

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