Toshiba ZL2 - Glasses free 3D TV

| Jun 19, 2012
Toshiba ZL2 is the first Glasses free 3D TV that can really change your mind about glasses free 3D TV.

Why? Because more people can watch 3D on it, without having to stay right in front of the 3D TV.

This is a major step forward for the 3D TV glasses free market. The quality of the 3D images is not that good or sharp as the 3D TV with glasses - that's true. But watching movies and having all the time the 3D feedback, without having to care about your sitting position, plus to be able to invite your friends over to watch your favorite 3D TV movies together - this is so much more appealing.

The amount of information your eyes will receive from this Thoshiba TV is incredible and mindblowing. Remember, this is a 55 inch 3D panel.

Toshiba ZL2 3D TV is definitely a highlight and for sure just the first try in this direction. The next versions will definitely be better - and also much more cheaper. You still won't want to pay 8000 K for such a 3D TV, even without glasses.

Here is a photo of Toshiba ZL2 - Glasses free 3D TV

 Toshiba ZL2 - Glasses free 3D TV