Largo Winch in 3D

| Jun 8, 2012
What to expect from Largo Winch in 3D?
a very good story and smart actors!! Don't expect a James Bond, expect something closer to reality.

Billionaire Nerio Winch is found dead, drowned. An obviously suspicious death as Nerio is the founder and majority shareholder of the powerful and sprawling W Group. Who will inherit this financial empire? Officially, Nerio had no family. But he had a secret he kept well-hidden: a son, Largo Winch, adopted nearly thirty years before from a Bosnian orphanage. The only problem is this young heir has just been thrown in prison deep in the Amazon. Accused of drug trafficking, he claims he's innocent. Nerio murdered. Largo in prison. What if these two events were part of a plot to take control of the Winch empire?

Largo Winch in 3D

Director: Kevin Harrison
Rated: Suitable for 15 years and over
Run time: 108 minutes

Largo Winch in Bluray 3D is definitely a movie you want to see on your cool 3DTV. It's not mainstream, but that makes it even more cooler.

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