Jean-Michel Cousteau's Sharks in 3D

| Jun 8, 2012
Jean-Michel Cousteau's Sharks in 3D - an amazing movie - a close encounter with the lions and tigers of the ocean - the sharks - and more than that - real up close in 3D. Jean-Michel Cousteau's Sharks in 3D

This 3D Blu-ray DVD is a documentary, as you can probably tell by the title, and it is quite interesting to watch particularly in 3D.

Come face-to-face with a multitude of shark species, including the Great White, Hammerhead and Whale Shark. Witness them as they really are: not wicked man-eating creatures but wild, fascinating and endangered animals that have been in existence for millions of years before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

This film, done by Jean-Michel Cousteau, is superb in so many ways! The Sharks 3D effects are just amazing!

This movie is part of the Jean-Michel Cousteau's Film Trilogy 3D