Children Health & 3D TV

| Jun 9, 2012
How safe and healthy is 3D Viewing and 3D TVs for children?
At what age it is safe for children to watch 3D TV and 3D movies?

You have to know that 3D, as binocular vision, is normal for any human being, starting from birth. So every child that can see normal with both eyes is able to see 3D images without affecting his health in any way. However, only children around three years old can start to understand the concept of 3D.

The duration of 3D viewing is important for children, but in the same way as the 2D viewing. Actually not the image itself is important, but the movie itself, the radiations from the TV set are to be taken into consideration. So, don't worry about letting your kid watch a 3D movie, just worry about what is displayed in the movie, and of course, after one and a half hour of constant viewing, children really need a break from the TV no matter if it's a 2D or a 3D TV.

If you child has problems with 3D viewing, your doctor can help with a full examination.

Sometimes, eyestrain and headaches can result from watching 3D content.
Eye fatigue is the major cause of discomfort and is prevalent for a number of factors including bad content, physiological factors and visual acuity.

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