LG 3D TV without glasses - DX2500 works!

| Apr 21, 2012

Image from LG

The guys from LG are quite inventive. The design and make a 3D TV without glasses certainly was a technological challenge.

How is 3D without glasses even possible? Well, for the new LG DX2500 3D TV, LG used the technology called "Parallax-Barrier-3D". This requires a video camera integrated in the 3D panel. This camera registers the changes in the position of the human head and eyes. This changes are computed and in the end the 3D image is displayed in a way that reflects the new position - so the user continues to see the 3D effect.

The new model LG DX2500 is used more as a computer 3D monitor, because of the small sizes (20 to 25 inch), but this technology will be extended to greater sizes as well.

For sure, the gamers will be very happy to play their favorite game very close to 3D reality immersion.

Right now you can buy this LG 3D TV glasses free in Korea for around thousand dollars, which a good price.

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