Hunger Games - the 3D movie

| Jan 13, 2012
Hunger Games 3D Movie
Frankly I was expecting that, shortly after I read the first Hunger Games book. A great movie can come out of this book. Then I read the last two Hunger Games books, Catching Fire and Mockingjay, written so vividly from Suzanne Collins. Still the same strong feeling, soon I will see one or more Hunger Games movies.

And I was right, starting March 23, the first Hunger Games movie will be running
in cinemas everywhere, especially the 3D cinemas. Wow, that was fast!

Oh, you don't know Hunger Games? You didn't yet read the books? You have to! It's a great survival story, with a lot of action and violence.

This happens in the future, the world as-we-know-it is gone, the natural resources are scarce, the new world is called Panem, and on Panem there are only 12 districts, heavily guarded, almost under occupation, run by an oppressive Capitol. District 12 is the worst of all – there is only a coal mine for work, food is a big problem, there is a big electrified fence around it – you get the picture – life is not funny at all.

Once a year the Capitol organizes the so called “Hunger Games”, where one girl and one boy from each district are chosen by public draw to compete and fight against the others, in a very dangerous arena - until 23 contestants die and only one survives. So the winner must kill other boys and girls and survive the horrible conditions and mean traps in the game arena. The prize is money and glory, but no one cares really. The whole thing is widely broadcasted to all districts, in live vivid colors and probably in 3D, and people are forced to watch the horrible deaths of their children.

I learned from reading this book that survival is not always about sheer power or skills, but most important about small things, like water or warm, or having a bright mind.

The main heroes are Katniss, Peeta and Gale – all teenagers from District 12 who have to deal with the Hunger Games and fight hard to stay alive.

Very good choice in actors:

  • Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence – Mystique from X-Men, will definitely steal the show.
  • Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth, brother of Chris Hemsworth The Thor.
  • Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, certainly doesn’t look like a survivor.

Hunger Games 3D Movie

Of course there is a romantic triangle between the three. But I found that is almost no hint of erotism in this, which is good, it contributes a lot to the authenticity of the story – considering that almost every other minute someone is dying.

OK, enough with disclosing the story to you, read it for yourselves (get the books here:

Hunger Games will be one of the best 3D action movies of 2012, and this is only the start. Don’t’ miss it. Prepare your 3D glasses and set up your 3D HDTVs.

You are not convinced? Watch the trailer below!

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!

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