3D without Glasses

| Jan 7, 2012
what you all think about the new 3D without glasses technology?
playing with my son's Nintendo 3D and having the chance to preview and test a 3D TV without glasses, gave me a pretty good idea how great this new technology is and how popular it can become in the next years.

To me, it's not only about 3D movies - but the gaming business will rock if they will succeed to promote a 3D gaming console that can allow viewing the three-dimensional image without needing a pair of glasses.

Think about playing "call of duty", fully immersed into the gaming environment. Of course the main problem will be dealing with the changing image focus - if you will do sudden moves, with your eyes or with your body.
For some of us, this won't be a real problem, the hardcore gamers have a very good couch from where they can handle the game very efficiently.

For movies - watching without glasses is the standard setting anyway - so having the 3D image directly in front of our eyes can give us a more complete movie experience.

3D without Glasses

The prices for these new 3D TV Sets are still very experimental and high. But if this will become a trend and people will start buying - then normally the prices will go down enough to make it available for the mass consumers.

Easier you can buy 3D TVs without Glasses as a computer monitor. for instance the new glasses free LG DX2500 3D TV. Read more about it!

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