3D High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

| Jan 16, 2012
Do you still remember the times when for a normal HDMI cable you had to pay 50 bucks? And this for a basic cable, that could do only HDMI. For sure, that was an important piece of your HD setup - this cable made High Definition video and audio possible, so you could enjoy your 720p or 1080 HDTV. So everyone thought 50 bucks is OK.

A lot of good things happened in between, now you can buy a good HDMI cable with less than
10 dollars. This is good news. Better news is that you can do a lot more than only HDMI with this little cable.

You can do 3D with it. That means you can use this HDMI cable to connect your 3D Blu-Ray Player, your 3D capable Playstation 3 or your 3D HD Cable Box to your 3DTV and display your 3D Content with the best HD resolutions, highest refresh rates and truest HD Dolby 7.1 sound available to mankind.

If this wasn't enough, this cable can connect all your devices with the internet via the Ethernet channel.

So this is what the latest true HDMI version 1.3b Category 2 certified can do for less than 10 dollars.
Very impressive, I would say.

The make is important obviously. I tested a few and I must say, don't buy all the crap you get for 5 dollars or even the overpriced ones. Try the one from Mediabridge. This cable will do the trick. The 6 feet long Mediabridge 3D HDMI 28 AWG cable is built to last: gold plated, with full metal jacket connectors and shielding.

Just in case you're interested, see below the link. Let me know what you think!