Game of Thrones HBO - best book and TV series ever!

| Jun 4, 2011
George R.R. Martin is a genius - his mind created a world and a story so amazing, with a scope that vast and complex, that you stop and wonder, how is this possible, how can one single person can have such a incredible imagination.

I discovered his Song of Ice and Fire book series when the third book was already out, and the writer was creating the fourth one. I was younger then and I was searching for those good fantasy books - books that won't bore you every 5 seconds with magic and spells and miraculous saves at the end of every chapter. So after the disappointing and dragging Wheel of Time, or the boring Sword of Truth series I discovered by chance the ‘Game of Thrones’ book, written by an unknown to me George R.R. Martin.

The first chapter started somehow very slow and standard – with magical mysterious creatures killing innocent helpless people – so I thought here we go again – magic at every step of the way. The next chapters quickly changed my point of view, until I reached the end of the book one, a really shocking one, that awoke in me very strong feelings and really convinced me on the spot to order the next two available volumes, A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords.

So not really much magic in the series, just an amazing story, full with very strong characters that are at each other throats, full of mean plots and intrigues, full of primal violent instincts set in motion by the most extreme situations in which the human being can be put in front of.

When you play the game of thrones either you win or you die.

The fourth book A Feast for Crows, was delayed one year, but I still bought it in the first day from Amazon, in Hardcover, that good and suspenseful is the story. The fifth book it took five years to be written – it’s a long time, sure, but following the Author’s blog, I saw that he rewrote a lot of chapters to make them perfect. And this is admirable, considering that he could fall very easily into the trap of getting money greedy and publish some garbage, filled with endless descriptions and pointless dialogues, only to fill the 1000 pages required by contract from the publishing house.

So it was a very pleasant surprise to see that someone thought it is a good idea to bring the book to the big screen – and better to invest a lot of money to create a masterpiece – even as a TV series. Of course, it’s not really possible to make only one big screen movie – 90 minutes is simply not enough to cover even the first book. And as every other HBO production, this Game of Thrones mini-Series, which promises to have a season for every book – is a feast – it’s a pleasure to watch the costumes, the perfect adaptation of the story, the choice of actors, even the music score is perfect.

I found out that the fifth book, A Dance of Dragons will be available in July 2011 – so yeah the timing is perfect to maximize profits I’m sure, but I really don’t care, I already preordered the hardcover and I can’t wait to see what the genius George R.R. Martin five years worth of art creation has to offer and of course I’m anxious to read about my favorite characters in the story, Arya, Bran and Jon.

This blog post doesn’t really has much to do with 3D movies – though I enjoy tremendously watching the HBO episodes on my 40’’ Samsung 3D TV LCD.

I strongly recommend you to read the books before watching the TV series – and try to take the time to get the story right. This is the true and eternal fight between good and evil, and as always the sad truth is, evil is most likely to win the battle.