Sony BRAVIA HX800 & HX900 – 3D-Ready TVs

| Jun 7, 2010
The brand new Sony BRAVIA HX800 & HX900 Series will be available shortly and they will provide a full HD 3D ready technology. What 3D Ready means? It’s easy, the 3D technology is there, but you need to buy the 3D emitter and the 3D glasses separately in order to experience 3D viewing fully.

The HX800 and HX900 HDTVs are available in 40’’, 46’’ and 54,5’’ sizes. The BRAVIA Sets support the Motionflow PRO 240Hz technology for smooth motion, they have a dynamic Edge LED backlight, a ready Wi-Fi adapter and of course a full HD 1080p resolution.

No word on the price for these 3D Ready TVs, but if you feel unsure about the ready-ness you can go all the way with the full HD 3D Sony Bravia LX900 Series.

Experience 3DTV yourself in your nearest Sony Style. And a word of advice, if you plan on buying a game console, go with Playstation 3, the PS 3 next firmware updates will fully support 3D gaming and 3D playback.

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