Robin Hood 3D Blu-Ray Russell Crowe is worth the trouble

| May 21, 2010
Slowly slowly we get to experience more and more blu-ray movies also in 3D edition. Suddenly the 2D images don't make the same impact , are kind of boring.

there were a lot of rumors about a second Gladiator movie, of course noone believed possible, because after all the hero played by Russell Crowe died in the end.

But the director Ridley Scott found a solution after all. a new story , a new hero: Robin Hood. Personally, I have seen at least 10 versions of the Robin Hood legends so I was quite skeptical about the success of a new Robin Hood movie. But of course we can't underestimate Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott. They can recreate and rewrite the story, that you'll forget everything and you start enjoying the great filmmaking and acting of this great team.

Ridley Scott's version is very ambitious. The film begins with Richard the Lion Heart's siege of the Castle Chaulus Chabral in Normandy. This is where we meet Crowe's Robin Longstride, a skilled archer, who has followed King Richard into battle for many years. The king looks for an honest man and is confronted with Longstride who has been running a game of chance and is accused by Little John of cheating. Robin is not cheating but, ironically, his honest answers to the king land him and his companions shackled.

The death of King Richard allows Robin and his companions to escape and flee back home. Along the way, they run across a party led by Robert Loxley retuning the crown back to England. Loxley has been attacked by an English nobleman named Godfrey (magnificently played by Mark Strong) who is conspiring with King Philip of France to invade England. Loxley is mortally wounded but Robin and his companions rout Godfrey and his men. The dying Loxley asks Robin to return his sword to his father. Not being a nobleman, Robin impersonates Loxley and returns the crown to the hands to Prince John.

The story develops with Robin and his men going to Nottingham where Robin is, conveniently, asked by Sir Walter Loxley (Max von Sydow) to pretend to be his son in order to preserve the household for his daughter-in-law Marion (Cate Blanchett). The story centers on stopping Godfry and the intended invasion of England by King Philip. A sub-plot concerns the rights of Englishmen centered on a documents of rights that Robin's father (long ago executed) was instrumental in conceiving.

Sit back and relax, enjoy the movie. I read some other reviews, both good and not so good. Forget all that. Just watch the movie. And if you see it in your 3D environment...

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