The 3D specs for the new 1080p Blu-Ray are ready to go

| Jan 19, 2010
So it's official, we're going to have stereoscopic 3D content on the new 1080p blu-ray discs. The BDA (Blu-ray Disc sociation) just completed the specifications.

That's means we're going to get also 3D blu-ray players, that don't depend on any specific 3D technology.

Blu-ray 3D will offer full HD 1080p resolution to each eye, maintaining the same picture quality that you get with HD. Any 3D display will be able to work with it, regardless of the used technology.

These new players are downward compatible with the normal blu-ray discs. That's actually a very good thing, you don't have to throw away your existing 2D blu-ray collection, you payed a lot of hard-earned money for it, and you'll get to buy new enhanced 3D 1080p movies that will blow your mind. It will probably cost you some more, at least in the beginning, but much less then going to IMax every weekend.

The 3D-enabled BD players should be available in Q2 2010.

This is a major technological breakthrough, this new specification will open the road for a lot existing applications. The new Sony PS3 will support the new 3D spec, so Playstation fans out there, you should be happy, you'll be able to play 3D content in no time.

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