3D Movies Glasses - magic or science? this is how it works

| Jan 15, 2010
So how is this possible, that with these special 3D Glasses you see suddenly your favourite movie jumping off the television screen?

The whole idea is based on the fact that one have two eyes, and you see two different images, from two different positions. You'll understand what I mean, you need only to watch an object in front of you, first with one eye, then with the other one.

When both your eyes are open, your brain is trained to focus automatically to made you think that you see only one image. So your brain converts the two images it receives in only one.

That's where the 3D Glasses come in play. Each glass is different, thats why it receives a diferrent image from your TV. These two diferrent images are fed into your brain, that tries to make only one. You experience this process as 3D Viewing.

There are two 3D technologies

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